General Information

About the Club

The Adelaide Pigeon Club is a One Loft Club where teams of 5 birds are entered and compete in 5 races during the season for a total prize pool of $122,000, subject to full club membership. First prize in each race $10,000. The top 30 places per race receive prize money. The races are held on the north line from distances ranging from approximately 250 kms to 717 kms. Birds are released with the SAHPA birds and are well spilt up ensuring a clear winner.



The Adelaide Pigeon Club is affiliated with the South Australian Homing Pigeon Association (SAHPA).

Concept: The Adelaide Pigeon Club is a One Loft Club where teams of 5 birds are entered and compete in 5 races during the season. Races are held anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks apart. The birds are released with the SAHPA birds.

Loft Manager: Mr Brian Fretter. Mr Fretter lives at MacDonald Park approximately 30 km north of Adelaide. Mr Fretter is to have no direct or indirect entry in the Adelaide Pigeon Club i.e., Loft Manager is not to have an entry in the club.

Timing System: Benzing One Loft Race System is the official timing system of the Adelaide Pigeon Club. Birds will be scanned through the system prior to each race with a paid independent scrutinizer overseeing correct scanning procedures, hampering and arrival of the birds on hampering days.

Training: Training of the birds will be at the sole discretion of the Loft Manager and overseeing Committee. The utmost care will be taken at all times. The Loft Manager and Committee accept no liability in the training or racing of the birds. All training costs are met within the membership fee.

Freighting: Freighting will be with the SAHPA (release with main convoy). The Loft Manager will scan each bird through the timing system with a scrutinizer present before each race. All birds in the loft, barring birds with notable illness or injury, go to each race. All freight costs are met within the membership fee.

Race Closure: All races will close in accordance with SAHPA rules. If all 30 prizes are not filled, all monies from unfilled positions will be divided amongst those members’ birds that have homed within race time.

Prize Money:  Prize money is dependent on the number of members. If the club has 105 members, prize money would be at least $100,000 over the 5 races. Contact the Secretary for details of prize money for the current season. Prize money will be paid by cheque within 7 days of the race. Results of each race will be placed on the club website on race day and members notified ASAP after each event.

Number of Prizes: Prize money is allocated from 1st to 30th positions. The first 30 birds win prize money, i.e., multiple prizes per member are allowed.  The top 3 positions in each race will also receive a certificate of merit. A trophy and cash prize is awarded to the top membership for the year (i.e., Aggregate Points winner) and the champion bird of the year. The first 30 members in each race receive one lot of Aggregate Points whilst the first 30 birds in each race are allocated points towards the Bird of the Year.

Membership Fees: The membership fee is $1,540 (including GST). Birds will not be accepted into the loft unless the membership fee is paid in full. A deposit of $540 should be paid when lodging your entry form to confirm your entry.

Delivery of Birds: Birds will be accepted into the loft between the dates specified in our newsletters. Collection of interstate birds that are air freighted will occur on the two Fridays’ specified in our newsletters. Any birds sent via transport companies or privately need to be arranged on an individual basis with the Loft Manager. All freighting of birds is at the member’s expense. Birds must be at least 30 days old. All birds will be inspected for health prior to entry into the loft i.e., canker, bird lice etc. All birds must be rung with current year rings (no old rings allowed).

Spares: There are no spare birds.

Costs: All training and racing costs, Loft Manager, Secretary, Treasurer and Scrutinizer fees, veterinary fees, medications, feed, loft, timing system, rings, telephone and postage costs will be incurred within the membership fee.

Ideas & Complaints: Any ideas or complaints are to be emailed or put in writing and sent to the Secretary of the Adelaide Pigeon Club. The Secretary will then correspond accordingly.

Information: A monthly newsletter will be mailed out to all members via post or email between the months of May and October with results and news. This will also be placed on the club website.

Annual General Meeting: On the final day for receipt of birds which may vary from year to year between the first and second Sunday in December.